Sewing Notions
& Supplies

Our Sewing Notions and Supplies department has the widest selections of unique, almost forgotten must have accessories than any other place our customers have seen.

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At New England Fabrics, you’ll discover hundreds of tools and supplies for measuring, marking, fastening and pinning. Find hundreds of buttons, all types of thread, Velcro, elastic, zippers for every project and much more.

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We offer a large selection of buttons for crafting & sewing, including Wood, Acrylic, Metal, Resin, Glass and Novelty buttons.

Sewing Pins and Needles

We have needles for hand sewing and sewing machines. Needles come in various sizes and styles, with sharp or ballpoint tips, and are used for sewing different types of fabrics.

Sewing Machine and Hand Sewing Threads

We have a wide range of colors and weights, polyester and cotton threads, heavier threads for upholstery and denim, and lighter threads for delicate fabrics and hand-sewing projects.


Available in a range of styles including nylon, metal, and invisible, separating zippers suitable for jackets and sportswear, and closed-end zippers for dresses and pants.

Scissors, Pinking Sheers

An essential tool in any sewing kit, we have dressmaker, embroidery, and thread snips, among others. Pinking shears are a specialized type of scissors with a zigzag edge, ideal for preventing fraying and adding a decorative edge to fabric. 

Grommets, Snaps, Eyelets and Magnetic Closures

Grommets, snaps, eyelets, and magnetic closures come in various sizes and materials and are easy to install with a variety of tools.

We have new fabrics arriving all the time so our inventory is constantly changing.