Foam Rubber

Our Wide Selection of Durable
Foam Rubber Products

Are your cushions on your sofa or favorite chair getting flat?

Do you need a special size foam insert for a custom window seat?

Is it time for new foam in your sunroom furniture seats?

New England Fabrics has stacks of foam for any project. Bring in your old cushions or measurements and we can cut foam for you.
We carry different types of foam rubber to meet the unique needs of each project.

  • Foam for seat cushions in thicknesses of 1″, 2″, 3″ 4″ and 5″
  • Three different grades: Standard, Medium Density & High Denisty
We also carry Dacron Wrap, a type of polyester batting that is commonly used in upholstery projects to provide additional cushioning and support, inserted into pillow forms to give them a fuller and more rounded appearance, or used to extend the life of upholstery by providing a barrier between the foam and the fabric.

We are always well stocked for any of your foam needs!