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Diamonds Quilts, Sunrise and Little Dutch Windmill quilt kits

“Diamonds” is a great pattern for color play and for showcasing all those beautiful fabrics you’ve been saving that you don’t want to cut into small pieces.  This quilt works great in bright and bold colors as well as subtle and calm colors.   We are offering this kit in three color ways;  Darker blues/greens, Lighter blue/greens and reds/oranges.  Included in kit are fabrics for the quilt top and the pattern. Quilt sizes: 51″ x 69″  Please note – Fabrics may vary depending on availability.  We will choose fabrics as close as possible to photos.  The Sunrise and Little Dutch Windmill quilt kits are as they appear.

Most of the quilt kits are $69.95, however the new Little Dutch Windmills quilt kit is $59.95 - If you order online, all quilt kits are $15. for shipping/handling.


Dark Blues / Greens

Pinks / Oranges

Light Blues / Greens

Sunrise Quilt

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Little Dutch Windmills

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Finished Dark Blue/Greens quilt

Finished Sunrise Quilt

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